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Air-blown fiber is a method of installing fiber optic cables that relies on the flow of compressed air easing the fiber all the way to its destination or deploying optical fiber unit in pre-installed tubes by compressed air

The principle of ABF systems is to install a network of tube-cables between locations,and the fiber is blown into the tubes as needed. When fiber is required between two points, the installer blows fiber into the tube-cables, then connectorizes the fibers. ABF systems purport to offer cost advantages over conventional cabling systems in two ways.

First, the decision to purchase fiber can be postponed until the fiber is actually needed.

Second, the ABF technology eliminates the need for splicing and interconnection points.

Lenora  air-blown systems are replacing traditional optics in access networks around the world.

The benefits include:

  • Much less splicing.
  • Easy quick upgrades in future.
  • Less manpower.
  • Eliminates dead fibre.
  • Simpler network planning.
  • Since optical glass cannot survive more than a few percent elongation, it has to be protected from high pulling forces. Even forces that do not cause fibre damage can reduce fibre lifetime significantly, and this makes low tension, low strain fibre installation all the more important if the fibres are not going to fail in their first year or so.




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