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Telephony is your network backbone ,serving all employees whether they are within your corporate walls, at remote locations, or mobile.

By integrating voice traffic into their network, organizations realize cost savings on their telecommunications service charges and reduce costs typically associated with deploying or relocating employee phone systems.
In addition, telephony ultimately results in a more effective way to communicate by integrating with existing information technology systems such as e‑mail or instant messaging (IM). The integration of other applications can provide a seamless communications experience.

IP Telephony has emerged as the dominant architecture for future voice communications. As the line between voice and data applications continues to blur, new innovative features and services will continue to emerge that will drive measurable business value.

While initial IP Telephony systems were deployed based upon cost savings, the major benefits of the technology going forward will be realized with the tight integration of voice within enterprise data applications.

Although IP Telephony can reduce complexity and cost by converging data and voice onto a single network, making the transition from traditional voice communications equipment cannot be taken for granted. To maintain the high level of reliability and quality that voice applications require with no compromise in features or flexibility requires the experience of a proven communications solutions provider.

Lenora has built extensive experience in the design, development and delivery of mission critical enterprise communications systems. It provides a full range of products, services and support offerings necessary to ensure successful adoption and use of IP Telephony.



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