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Copper solutions are designed to be highly flexible and scalable in a cost effective manner, which enable to improve and enhance your networks sustainability to strike for the market competitiveness. By combining our professional technological know-how, highly flexible and scalable product solutions, superior quality and service commitment, and most importantly the reliable product quality, your network capacities would be able to achieve optimization on investment, So Lenora  copper connectivity solutions are designed to deliver fast, safe and reliable data transmission.

Lenora offers solutions for all twisted pair copper cabling applications. Systems are designed to support emerging technologies, including Voice over IP and Gigabit Ethernet and exceed the latest industry standards to provide assurance of network reliability. Patch cords and cables are constructed for maximum performance and reliability and are designed for fast moves, adds and changes.

Networks today must be able to cope with the constantly growing tide of data. Network operators and customers need more bandwidth for their networks. This is accompanied by the need to maximize transmission rates. Lenora supplies high-quality copper cabling network components which are ideally suited to meet these growing requirements. 

Classical telephony, high-speed data transmission via ISDN, ADSL, VDSL, cable TV, Internet access, mobile networks .Working in conjunction with Lenora  you will be able to confidently face the issues created by vast amounts of data flooding the network.

Lenora copper solutions offer you enclosures, protection systems, value-added modules, Telecom data products, digital signal cross-connects, and termination modules. They all have one thing in common: they guarantee optimum transmission rates, excellent network quality and a high bandwidth transparency. At Lenora we can design your network in a flexible and cost-orientated manner using solutions from a single source, for the entire range of network services.



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