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256 Point Fibre headend

‘- Plug & Play’ 256 point FibreIRS Headend
- Combines Wholeband LNB and DTT/DAB signals
- Outputs FibreIRS signals for distribution through 8 x 32 PON
Fully weatherproof (IP65)-

The PRODU256 is a professionally built 256 point FibreIRS headend enclosed

within a weatherproof (IP65), high grade, lockable, wall mounting cabinet which

provides an incredibly efficient solution for larger FibreIRS distribution systems.


The PRODU256 has an input for a FibreIRS Wholeband LNB, which is then split with a FibreIRS WB4 Wholeband Splitter to feed the 4 x ODU32 units mounted within the cabinet. Also included within the PRODU256 is a professional wideband UHF/DAB splitter, enabling a single combined DTT/DAB feed to be connected.


Due to the integral 48V DC to DC converter, a single 48V DC mains power supply can be externally located at a convenient position to provide power for the 4 x ODU32 and WB4 Splitter contained within the PRODU32 via a standard coaxial cable (the connected Wholeband LNB is also powered from here).





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