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ODF are high density fiber optic management frames that serve as a central cross-connect in the Main Distribution Area of the data center.

ODF  are usually with draw type trays inside the devices,on the trays there can be installed with various types fiber adapters.These products are rack-mounted types and wall mounted types, with a typical 19-inch standard size.


  • Optical Distribution Frames are a modular and flexible system
  • Rear-mounting components provide improved access to fiber optic cables
  • Fast installation from the front side
  • Long-term layout for future optical distribution system expansion
  • 3-point locking door mechanism with door options of solid, plexi-glass or mesh
  • Fiber optic cables can enter via the top or bottom of the ODF
  • Full numbering system for fiber trays & conduits providing excellent traceability
  • Optical Distribution Frames can be bayed together either side-to-side or back-to-back

  • Suitable for ribbon fan-out or breakout cable assembly Local area networks
  • Suitable for inserting installation of SC FC ST and LC adaptor
  • Long-distance optical transmission network
  • The office or far off optic access network
  • Video transmission network
  • Data communication network





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